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Glossy Photograph. Glenn Bishop (b. 1937) attended Grand Haven High School, where he edited the school newspaper. He began training with weights when he was 13, and was the subject of his first published profile at age 16 (Tomorrow’s Man, June 1953).

One of his childhood friends, Richard Alan, worked with him on a celery farm when they were teenagers, and double-dated with him until Bishop’s marriage to his wife, Marlene.
Despite his personal modesty, Bishop agreed to pose fully nude for Bob Delmonteque for the then-unheard-of sum of $500 for a single session. Almost immediately, Bishop became an almost inescapable presence in the pages of every American physique magazine.

Taking a cue from Delmonteque, Bishop began to place ads in the magazines, selling his own pictures by mail order. This endeavor was reported to have paid for his education as a chiropractor. He also designed and sold a line of bathing suits that were very popular. Together, Bishop and Alan formed their own business, Michigan Models, selling pictures of themselves to physique fans by mail order.

“We do all of our own photography, developing, printing, and Marlene usually fills the orders,” Alan told Physique Pictorial magazine in 1956. “Whenever anyone sends an order they are dealing with the two of us, for we are alone in our business.”

Despite his high level of visibility during the 1950s, Bishop was photographed by only a handful of photographers: Irv Johnson, Cliff Oettinger, Bob Delmonteque, Douglas of Detroit, and his collaborations with Richard Alan under the name Michigan Models.

Glenn Bishop Magazine Covers

Adonis, February (no year given)

Vim, December 1954

Man’s World, October 1955

Fizeek, (V.1, #1, no date)

Muscle Sculpture, September 1957 (V.1, #1)

Strength & Health,

Muscle Builder,

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