Lloyd's of Hollywood
8X 10 inches
8x10 Glossy Photograph. This is an actual photograph recently printed from
a negative in a photography lab. Please know that my name will only appear on this scan, not the actual

Rare image of Marilyn Monroe that night,May 19,1962. She sang Happy Birthday to JFK in Madison Square garden. Just nine weeks before her death.

This was one of her last public apperances . Marilyn Monroe helped to celebrate John F. Kennedy's 45th birthday at a spectacular party in Madison Square Garden. JFK's joke about Monroe's "sweet and wholesome" rendition of "Happy Birthday" was inspired not only by her scorching delivery, but also by the skin-tight dress into which she had been sewn for the occasion.

The original cost of the dress in 1962 was $12,000 In 1999, the dress fetched over $1.26 million at a New York auction.

The explanation for this fantastic price lies partly in the fact that Monroe wore it in her last important public performance, and partly in the fact that it has come to be seen as symbolic evidence of her sexual relationship with Kennedy. While nothing about this affair appeared in print while Monroe and Kennedy were alive, it is now routinely reported as certain in biographical accounts of both figures.

There are plenty of legendary Hollywood stars, but there are few that have transcended that state to become true screen icons. Marilyn Monroe is one of the few. Although she appeared in a relatively small body of films, Marilyn was something special.

The camera absolutely adored her and the silver screen positively lit up every time she appeared. Marilyn died young, which may explain her cinematic immortality, since she never had the opportunity to fade away on screen in front of her countless fans. Much has been written, said and whispered about Marilyn's death, was it suicide... an accident... or murder?

It's doubtless that the rumors will never stop swirling because there are no eyewitnesses to testify as to what happened in Marilyn's bedroom on the eve of her death.
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